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Got an idea for a curriculum? let's build it together.

After experimentation, the finalized program will be published for outside instructors to implement in their own classrooms. 

We begin to examine and test your project in our lab. See your idea come to life in the context of active classes. 

Our after-school facilities will fully adopt your program and collect feedback from students and parents. 

You're an educator with a great idea but don't know where or how to start.


This is where ISOAPPLE comes in.

We use interdisciplinary methods to connect you to different experts for your innovative project. 






this is how our system works

Research & Development Stage

Educators, Designers, Teachers

After-School Program

Teachers, Parents, Students


Big problems are best solved collaboratively.

We love to bring together

cross-functional teams to act on educational challenges.

Curriculum development should be an iterative procress.

Innovation arises from trial and error. Using data from classes, build the best student-centered curriculum.

Everybody has something to teach.

Education is about paying it forward. Share your passions with the youth, and we'll support you throughout the process.

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